In the advent of awesomeness

Bloggity blog...oh how long it's apologies for such contempt, or lack of intent.  Quickly now, we shall let the past shrivel away... and make way for the newness...for the now! 

As we write this post, we know not how it will end, but we know it's going to be full of thoughtful things and improbably won't make sense all the time! ;)  But, when we try to avoid starting sentences with BUT, it only reminds us to let go of those unnecessary rules and guidelines we swallowed so long ago.  let's just here, on the page together. 

Have I got your attention yet?!  No matter, we shall continue this journey of discovery into the new, with or without you.  

Today is magical, and yet we often forget this simple fact.  Today is where all opportunity blooms, and all action takes place.  Right now, is the only moment that counts toward the building of our stories.  These stories grow relentlessly, and without pause...our beliefs become the paths we take, and our fiction becomes the facts we live by over the trials of time.  While we're talking about the story, and creating it at the same time, we have this opportunity to recognize that we are the author of our own story.  This awareness is fleeting, as are all things, but it is also the doorway that leads to beautiful things.  The saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" lets us know that where ever we look, we decide what to see, and if we should choose to see the beauty more often that not, we give ourselves a wonderful gift....a gift that no one else can give.

And so, we've entered the competition, where the opponents are merely differing views of the same facts...what we can call fiction.  This fiction is our reality, it is our story, and it is our boundaries.  When we step outside of our boundaries, the story starts to change, and the fear starts to grow, but so do hope and motivation.  Our motivation for courage to stay the new course, and find new purpose, new beauty, outside the shadows of our stories past.  Spend enough time outside the old boundary, and a careful tip-tow turns into a steady stride...leaping towards beauty, away from the shadows pull.  

We're in a new place now, undiscovered, untold...where creation is the master and we are the space between what is, and what is soon to be.  No map. No problem.  We follow our fears, and trample our ghosts, as they pop up from time to time and to remind us how far we've come.  Identify, Clarify, Focus, Practice & Move!  Imagine the place we want to be, and become the change we want to see.  

It's so simple, right!?    heh

We got this far, we are surely curious, and that alone will take us far.  BUT! It will not deliver us into beauty, since beauty is not in travelling minds or travelling hands, but in decisive times.  Along the advent of awesomeness, take the first step outside the boundary, and let the fear pull you toward triumph.  Forget not the likes of human nature, for everything in site is beautiful, but not always for us.  Stop from time to time to reflect, breath, absorb, feel the ground beneath your feet, and let the wind make sounds across your mind.  In all that is present, is all that we know...for in this time, this place, and this space, we shall:  fight with this heart, heal with these hands, and surrender this body.  Undoubtedly.


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