"Bamboo is the freshest!"

This year has been full of new challenges for me, from new places to new ideas and new products.  I've had ample opportunities to learn and try new things, and it hasn't hurt to have family alongside, both as inspiration and fuel to the fire!  Over the summer, a talented photographer, whom I have the privilege to call "sister", or "Lex", or (my new favorite) "sissy!", commissioned me to build some customized print boxes to use in her portrait business.  The exciting part for me, aside from actually getting paid to make stuff, was the challenge of meeting the expectation, and developing a product worthy of the gems that it would hold.   Here's are the results....

Oh, and did I mention how fun it is to use a real branding iron!!   My uncle's would laugh, having been raised as cowboys doing the real thing, but what can I say....  burnt bamboo is the freshest!

I'm looking forward to making many, many more of these for Alexis and her flourishing business.   And to any new comers, I will help you tie the bow on quality.   (couldn't resist)