IDS West 2017 Prototype - "People's Choice WINNER" 

INBOUND is a mood changing, game changer... a window into what's to come!

  SHOW IN -  solid black walnut / white LEATHERETTE / internal lighting 

SHOW IN - solid black walnut / white LEATHERETTE / internal lighting 

PRESS SEGMENT: Breakfast Television spot light on IDS West 2017, and fall trends - Inbound is shown among works by Jaime Hayon and Karim Rashid.   NOTE: an advertisement plays twice before the segment.  Inbound is covered at 2:58




Retrobound is not just a is also a place, a feeling, and a craft.  Within it, a storm of ideas...pulling me in a direction.  Everything here is designed with care, and with the intention of bringing objects to life that are as functional as they are beautiful.  Whether you are an artist, a client, or a the end of the day, we share in the creation of awesome!
— Dane Saunders


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From tech accessories to miniature gun replicas, this gallery grows with each passionate customer knocking at the door.  I treat every new product and client with the attention to detail they deserve....let's make it real!



Furniture design is a passion of mine, one which I will always pursue.  Inspired by elegant forms, I strive to mesh form with material in a way that leaves you both curious and satisfied.  And, if I'm not inventing, I'm re-inventing... "retrobound revival" is my 'not so secret' hobby!



Entering 3D digital space...where you can stretch lines, surfaces, and points into a virtual model...add some dust & laser beams...then poof, it's in your hand!! That's magic folks, and I'm all in!