(2019) This journey of bringing my imagination to life is both humbling, and giving. With every piece of furniture created, life reveals to me, my expanding mind, a new craft, and a few life lessons. Each object created, is nothing more than an extension of my persona, a single utilitarian step, up the mountain of curiosity and form. Embodying this path, is exposing and mysterious to me. As it stands now, I am beginning to see a personality which seems can only be captured in the flow of curving bodies solidified for touch, for sound, for light and for more, to be employed and shared, in your space and mine.

(2015) Design for me, is an exploration into how the world and the people within it work.  My goal always, is to make life better in some way, and sometimes that’s as simple as putting the button in the right place.  Other times it’s more subtle, like having you think or feel a certain way via your interaction with an object, a visual, or a combination of stimulus.   All of that can get complicated (and rightly so), which is why it has become my life’s work.  With every design challenge, and art piece, I have the opportunity and a responsibility to make life a little better, a little more simple, and a lot more fun!  Present me with your next design challenge, and I will present you with all that I am.
— Dane Saunders


Dane is the founder and CEO of Retrobound, a design company specializing in product engineering and art furniture. With Bachelor of Design degree from the University of Alberta, Dane worked for Boston Dynamics, where he lead their team of technicians through the build of their first fleet of humanoid robots. More recently he has employed his knowledge of engineering and prototyping, designing props for the Vancouver film industry. His art furniture has been exhibited at IDS West, IDS Toronto & Crafted Vancouver, and published in the Edmonton Journal, Breakfast Television Vancouver, Air Canada EnRoute & Interiors Korea.


Located near the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia... available for Industrial Design contracts, and Art Furniture commissions.