Industrial Design & Engineering


Product Research - Making sure you are ahead of the game

  • Scoping out the competition

  • Asking the tough questions

  • Defining your target market

Industrial and Mechanical Design - Putting years of experience to the task 

  • Concept generation and selection - sketching & rendering

  • Model making and prototyping - 3D printed & machined parts

  • Basic engineering - simple mechanisms - detailed fits and tolerances

Fabrication Consultation - Guidance in choosing the right method

  • Materials that meet budgets - spending your money wisely

  • Selecting the correct fabrication method for prototyping vs large scale production

  • How material will affect you final product

CAD File Creation - Comprehensive part and assembly models

  • Surface and solid models to meet the need

  • Production ready models - in shareable formats

Manufacture ready drawings - For complex mechanical parts & assemblies

  • Industry standard technical drawings - get quotes today and get it made tomorrow!

  • Existing hardware sourced for every assembly

Prototyping - Iteration is the key

  • Quoting, Ordering, and Assembly - taking advantage of online resources

  • Product testing - hands on evaluation

  • Refining the mechanics



"Together we are strong.  Industrial Design is an organic process, one which requires a collaborative effort between a small group of people focused on a singular vision.  With every new project, new teams are formed, and new ideas come to life.  My job is to be flexible to the needs of the team, open to mind melding, and proactive in shaping our ideas into a unified, quality product.  For how ever long it takes, your goals become mine!"

-Dane Saunders