Furniture Design & Fabrication


Defining the Scope - The paint job is only as good as the prep job!

  • Understanding the environment

  • Meeting a budget

  • Making a plan

Concept Generation - Getting on the same page

  • Inspiration boards

  • Hand sketching and 3D rendering

  • Model making

Materials & Processes - In house and outsourcing

  • Methods of fabrication

  • Defining finish requirements

  • Final review

  • Acquiring materials & hardware - trying to keep it local

Fabrication - From one-of-a-kind to small batches

  • Producing the Prototype

  • Assembly

  • Finishing

Delivery - Getting it to your home, and setup safely

  • Coordinating

  • Flexible shipping arrangements



the artisan...

the artisan...

"Making anything by hand is a form of craft, one which activates all of our senses.  For me it's something visceral, I can't fully describe why I am so drawn to it, but the pull is undeniable.  My guess is that since we're all made up of the same "goo", bringing a physical object to life is more-or-less an extension of ourselves, allowing us to reach further and feel more!"

-Dane Saunders