Lamp / End (magic) table - casting a soft glow



Without any hesitation, join the currents of fun, as furniture transforms from functional & fashionable, to playful & enlightening!  Constructed entirely from curving bodies, DAWN stands bold and exposes her inner beauty with radiant force.  She is hard on the inside, while presenting a soft exterior... reaching out into the room with a comforting presence.  Whether tucked away in a cozy corner, or arm-to-arm with the sofa, she remains poised for every morning coffee, evening read, or entertainment night.  Her spirit will flow with you throughout the days, the weeks, and the years, as she lights up your life, day in and day out.  Respect her presence, and in return, receive a warm embrace each and every day.

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Posted Sep2018  (more photographs to come) 

Centerpiece coffee table - setting the mood



Light up your life!  With a shape indicative of bent wood, the backbone of this table is instead fashioned from a stack of solid wood profiles, offering up strength and longevity.  The curved table ends eliminate sharp corners, providing a safe environment for small children, while a soft underbelly invites play!  Hidden feet raise the table slightly off the ground, just enough to “lighten” things up.  Upholstery surrounds the inner surface, providing relief for your tired feet, as you lounge on the sofa.  When it’s time for a party or some timely ambiance, this table delivers, with soothing rings of light casting out into the room.  Inbound is designed to lift you up, match, and augment your energy!

The first Inbound table (from solid Walnut) went on display at the Vancouver Convention Center, for the IDS West 2017 'Prototype' competition, where it won the "People's Choice" award.  That table was on display at Kozai Modern store in Vancouver, until May 2018.  The second prototype (from solid Maple) went on display Jan 18th at IDS 2018 in Toronto.

Both art pieces are currently available for exhibition or sale.

This, lux, moderne...and it's only just begun...  Variations coming soon!

Coffee table set - being sustainable



Standing light on their feet, barely thicker than a nail, single slabs of raw material bends to the will of your living room.  A tunnel for your kids, a tent for your pet, or simply a subtle curve to rest your feet up on.  These tables hide their true strength - built from solid aluminum (100% recyclable), strong enough to stand on, yet light enough to move with ease.  The patterns of hand picked wood veneers and heavy weight wallpapers bring these streamlined forms to life.  Follow the continuous wood grain from one side to the next, and you will never feel the same way about veneer!   In decades to come, when this beautiful finish shows its age, or the wallpaper fades in fashion, this metal table can be refinished, revitalized, and past down through generations.   It's Sustainable.  That's how you Aluminate!  

Designed to be a canvas for the creative eye, and customization - CHOOSE from a selection of veneer & wallpaper ...and Aluminate your living room.

Floating Shelves - hanging in the balance



Originally prototyped with fir studs reclaimed from a construction site, these shelves have since evolved to be built from a combination of kiln dried cedar & pine planks. The choice of very light weight wood materials was critical to the function of these shelves, freeing up the bulk of their capacity for displayed items.  They float on the wall, with hidden hardware.  Their continuous surface allows them to be mounted with either face up.  The subtle curve and profile allows just enough width for added strength when backed by a mating aluminum bracket.  The flowing shape opens up the possibility for various arrays and patterns along the wall.  

A single pair of shelves carefully spaced and mounted in alignment, symbolizes the flow of two separate objects in harmony with one another, yet each beholden to carry its own load. 

Night Stand - good night glow



Designed to illuminate your senses!  This flowing light form, is made from solid acrylic, covered in walnut veneer.  It combines the function of both your bedside table and reading lamp, into one stylish "lightstand".  When lit, the entire edge of the shelf glows warm with light, providing ample light for reading or drifting off to.   There's just a little bit of magic going on in this piece, and in the can feel it!


Centerpiece coffee table - from personal growth



Curved and molded to draw your eyes around the bend, it pulls you in, and demands your attention. Built from bent plywood, Maple and Mahogany veneer, shaped and finished by hand.  The motif in the hollow, symbolizes life and growth.  The firm maple shell is hard and protective, backed by a softer rich mahogany beneath the surface. 

These images are of my very first coffee table - built with my own hands - as an anxious, perfectionist, crafty, design student, near the turn of the century.  A shout out to the shop tech at the time (Cam Firth) for master-mining the jigs needed to build this, before I knew how... and to my teachers (Tim Antoniuk and Jesse Sherburne) for orchestrating and championing an amazing trade show booth for IDS Toronto that year, allowing a small group of aspiring young designers from the prairies, the opportunity to show our work on the professional stage!

...THIS is where it all started!!


ALL my furniture pieces are limited edition, or by commission.  

Custom requests are welcomed!  

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