Pendant line


Symbolism is the designated driver here....where lines are only bound by imagination, and meanings are only found by juxtaposition.  This set of pendants was created each as a gift for family homage to the strong and beautiful women in my family!  

Each pendant is 3D printed in brass (or any other precious metal), to its final form.

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Bow Tie Line


The goal here was originally to design a piece that could be printed flat (in effort to reduce printing time), and then bent and held in shape after printing.  However, after playing around with some mock-ups awhile, this flowing shape appeared.  Designed to host an endless array of patterns, this bow tie might just be the pinch of style you need!

Printed in nylon, and offered in every common color! 

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Playing with circular patterns and twists in digital space resulted in this little gem.  Examples shown here were printed from Bronze Steel and Stainless Steel.  

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